Rolwaling Beyul Project

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Rolwaling Beyul Project

Rolwaling Beyul Promo


Rolwaling is a remote mountain valley situated in the north-east of Nepal,next to the Everest region and bordering China to the north. The inhabitants of Rolwaling are the Sherpas,who migrated from Tibet and Khumbu region in the 14th century. Rolwaling is a ‘Beyul’, a ‘Hidden Valley’ plowed out by the tantric saint Padmasambhava 1200 years ago. He stopped there on his way to Tibet and did mediation and consecrated many sites. Therefore many holy landmarks and monuments are scattered throughout the valley today. The Buddhist Sherpas worship Gauri Shankar Mountain as the abode of Tseringma (Goddess of Long life).

Rolwaling is rich in natural resources. There are prominent mountains and several virgin peaks. There are two lakes in Rolwaling- Tso Rolpa and Omi Tso. Waterfalls can be seen throughout the valley. Despite being at high altitude, Rolwaling has diverse flora and fauna.

As the project of the above promo and whole video had been done and finished with the aim of showing the world about the beauty of Rolwaling valley in which I being the villagers of this valley helped for this project also. There are still more things to be done for the development of the valley. So if anyone of you are willing to provide some funds for the valley than please contact to E-mail: or you can visit website and get more info about the project of development f Rolwaling.