Taksindu Free Health Camp 2018 - November 22, 2018 Taksindu Free Health Camp 2018 was again made possible by Karma Sherpa and Dr. Gary Botsteinalong with the help of Sherpa Mountain Adventure. After the devastating earthquake od 2015, the free health camp was started from 2015 with the motive of providing the free healthcare to the people
Article on Alpinist Magazine - March 22,2018 Firstly i would like to thank Dr. Jan Sacherer and Katie for helping me. And finally after a great time of work and effort of more than 6 month, I have got my article published in one of the best American magazine focused on mountain literature and mountaineering ascents worldwide, "Alpinist".
Member of US Nepal Climbers Association INC. - March 17,2018 On 19th December 2017, I became the life member of US Nepal Climbers Association INC. It is my pleasure to be one of the member and I am looking forward to do some climbing events organized by this organization in coming months or years.
SherpaFoundation’s 3rd Annual Fundraiser Event - June 30, 2017 Yesterday I went to SherpaFoundation's 3rd annual fundraiser event at Eagle Vail Pavilion. It went very well. Thank You for providing a certificate of appreciation from SherpaFoundation for promoting their mission.
Mt. Rainier - May 10,2017 Yesterday morning, May 9 2017 I summited Mt. Rainier(4,392 m) of North America. This is my first summit on Mt. Rainier and it is my second mountain summit of North America. With my pleasure, I summited the mountain with the banner of Sherpa Foundation.
Level 1 Avalanche Training Course - April 10, 2017 I have finished my Level 1 Avalanche Training Course held on April 7-9 2017 at Colorado. Thank You Mr. Brent Butler, Mr. Andy Hansen and Mr. Buster Jesik for teaching us this course in the best way. And I would even like to thanks Dr. Jan Sacherer and Kelse Wyatt for dropping me to the training place and back to my place. Had a great time and training with all my new friends.
Presentation on Mountaineering - April 3,2017 I have done a presentation at Corhio(http://www.corhio.org/ ) about my mountaineering experience of Nepal's mountain and North America mountain. It was my pleasure to give presentation at Corhio to many peoples present there.
Article on Steamboat Today Magazine - March 29,2017 Today on 29th March, Steamboat Today Magazine published an article about my major story. I am very thankful to Steamboat Today Magazine and Mr. Matt Stensland for giving this wonderful opportunities. In this article it has mentioned all my major life story and this article will help me a lot now and my future too.
Trango Company - 14th December 2016, Now recently I am working at Trango Company at Boulder, Colorado. I am very glad to work here in Trango. And very helpful to my friend Chris for providing me a job here.
Meeting with Mr. Hayden Carpenter - 12th November,2016 Today I went to meet my family at Carbondale. So in the morning I went from Steamboat Springs to Carbondale and met my Aunt and Uncle. And I have have a meeting with Mr. Hayden Carpenter,Online Editor of Rock And Ice Magazine.
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