My Tenth Everest Summit

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My Tenth Everest Summit

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Everest Summit 2016

On 21 April 2016 my Everest expedition started when I first fly from Nepal to China. So after long drive and flight I with my clients reached at Everest Base Camp(5100m) on 26 April.


So to make our body well fit for the climbing we did hiking on the day after tomorrow of reaching Everest Base Camp. Then on 30 April, me with my clients and Sherpa after doing puja/worship to God for safe climbing earlier in the morning at Base Camp and we all head to Middle Camp from Base Camp.


On 1st May we all reached at Advance Base camp and planned of staying there for 3-4 days. So after resting in ABC for 2 days, we had gone for hiking till 6700 m and retuned back to ABC. So after returning from hiking I decided to rest for tomorrow and head to North Col the day after tomorrow. So on 5th May we all reached at North Col(7020m) according to the plan. And then tomorrow  we went to hike till 200m from North Col and returned back to Advance Base Camp. Me with my Sherpa Mingma set the camping in 7800m and 8300m, everything was going through our plan and we were justing waiting for the good weather so we can go for the summit. But on 11th May we all three had to return back to Base Camp from Advance Base Camp due to the weather problem. So after returning we just decided to stay in Base Camp for 3-4 days and again head for the summit.


Advance Base camp


Base Camp


So on 15 May we started heading to ABC from Base Camp as the weather on 14 May was very good and clear. We just kept a aim to summit the Everest on 21 May. So having that aim we move from BC to ABC then again move to ABC to North Col. So after heading long from Base Camp, we all reached at 8,300m on 20 May. All the team member was fine but the weather on that day was quiet windy. So on the similar day, we just planned of summiting the Everest tomorrow morning only.


So we just started heading on 20 May night and finally we reached at summit on 21 May 2016 at 3:45 am in the morning and so clicking photos and videos at the top of Everest, we than started to head for ABC. After moving for nearly 11 hours, we reached at ABC. So on 23 May we reached at Base Camp and on 30 May after the grand success we all arrive at Nepal from Everest Expediton.