Rolwaling Cultural Tour - Rolwaling is a remote mountain valley situated in the north east of Nepal, next to the Everest region. the valley is bordered to china to the north . And the valley stands at the height of around 4000 mt.from the sea level.According to local lore, Rolwaling is a beyul, a "hidden valley" plowed out by the tantric saint Padmasambhava (also known as Guru Rinpoche) 1200 years ago to serve as a sanctuary for dharma in a future time of intolerance -- a clear reference to the Chinese invasion.
Lapchi Cultural Tour - Tibet Lapchi trekking, which is also called Milarepa's Hermitage, Lapchi trekking is situated to the southwest of Tingri and east of Nyalam. Milarepa Cave, the famous Tibetan Yogi (poet & singer as well) lived and died in this region, so the region became one of the most sacred destination in the Himalayas after Kailash and Tsari. We usually know about the Miparepa's Cave of it, actually there are verities of cave hermitages in Lapchi.
Kailash Cultural Tour - As this reverential sanctum is important for Hindus likewise it constituently imparts on equal value to Buddhists too. Tibetan Buddhists entitled this mountain Kang Rimpoche(Mt. Kailash), meaning 'Precious Jewel of Snow.' Unquestionably, there must be immense of religious mysteries hidden in the Buddhist scriptures as significances.
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