Denali; Cassin Ridge 2016

Sherpa on Cassin


Mt. Denali

Mt. Denali


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NIMA TENJI SHERPA                                                  TASHI SHERPA

   UIAGM/IFGMA GUIDE                                              Alpnist Guide

(Everest Summit 6 times)                                 ( Everest Summit 9 times)


Tashi Sherpa and Nima Tenji Sherpa will be climbing the Denali(6190m) through Cassin Route having their expedition name ‘Sherpa On Cassin’. Nima Tenji Sherpa is a 6 times Mt. Everest summiteer and I am 9 times Everest summiteer. So we will be attempting to climb the Mt. Denali through Cassin Route which is known as quintessential technical climb of the Alaska Range.

We are climbing this mountain with the aim to spread the news in the world that “We Sherpa are not just a porter to help the foreigner climb the mountain with the grand success.As since many years we Sherpa had been known as a porter not the guide.  We wants to spread the news that we are the guide and helper who wants their clients to success their plan with happy.”and Due to the last two years accident in Everest, many climbers of Nepal has left the mountaineering field as the climber have not seen safe in this field. Due to this accident there was many problems in family of dead people and in other people. So to inspire them and comeback in this field we will be climbing this mountain. We two also want to be First Nepalese to Climb the Denali through Cassin Route.

As last time also we have ascent three mountain with the aim to spread the news that ‘To show that Nepal is still safe for climbing and trekking after the earthquake 2015.’So this time we will be climbing Denali with the aim given above.