Road Reconstruction in Dolakha

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Road Reconstruction in Dolakha

After the earthquake in Nepal-2015, the main road to go Rolwaling,Lama Bagar and other places in these region in Dolakha was destroyed by earthquake and its aftershock. So I had gone to reconstruct  road in Dolakha from Nepal Mountaineering Association and Mount Everest Summiteers Club as a member of this two association. And I had worked  with the local people and police of those regions for the construction so after working for 12 days we had constructed the bus route. We even made easy for the local people to buy their food stuffs and other things and move up and down.

This was my job to help the people of those region and hope this was our great help for the villagers of those regions.












During construction I saw lack of food in those region. After the reconstruction of road I informed the NMA about the road and lack of food  so NMA had sent this report to WFP and the WFP had brought  food for the villagers in Helicopter. So I distributed the food to the villagers of Lama Bagar VDC.