First Nepalese Team on First Ascent in Rolwaling

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First Nepalese Team on First Ascent in Rolwaling

First Nepalese Team on First Ascent in Rolwaling Documentary Trailer 

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3 Men on 3 new Mountains in 3 days completed

The First Nepalese Team in Rolwaling for First Ascent including Tashi Sherpa,Nima Tenji Sherpa and Dawa Gyalje Sherpa successfully completed 3 new peak ascents.  They climbed Mt Raungsiyar on 4th October at 3:15pm, Mt Langdak on 5th October 11:45am and Thakar-East on 6thOctober at 11:30am. On 26th September, the first Nepalese team on first ascent in Rolwaling headed to Rolwaling Valley. They planned to climb 3 new mountains which were never been climbed. All the 3 members of the team are from Rolwaling valley and they took their step to explore the valley. There are many unclimbed peaks and  the valley itself is so beautiful to trek. Now it’s getting its popularity as best destination for ice climbing and rock climbing in Nepal. It is also the nearest place for climbing and trekking from capital city, Kathmandu, Nepal.
They are professional guides in Nepal with trained from Nepal National Mountain Guide Association affiliated to IFMGA/UIAGM.This first phase of Mountain Guide course from IFMGA in Nepal held in Rolwaling.

Why we made this plan

  1. Exploration of Rolwaling Valley

Rolwaling is very remote but beautiful and nearest place to trek and climb from the capital city. It is known for home of Everest summitter. If you trek in Rolwaling valley, you will find alteast once person of the family climbed Mt Everest. But It is not that popular, so the main objective of this project will be exploration of Rolwaling valley.

  1. Introduction of Nepalese Alpinist

Nepal is always known for home of climbing and Sherpa are the real heroes behind the success but they remained behind always. Now Nepalese climbers are capable of competing globally but it is rarely heard about Nepalese Alpinist. So this is a step for us to represent ourselves with changing profession into our hobby.

    3. To show Nepal is still safe for climbing and Trekking after earthquake 2015

The mega earthquake on 25th,26th April and 12th May destroyed many places in Nepal. But there are many places in Nepal which are not destroyed and many places which are reconstructed already. Lots of fake news are out about Nepal. In fact Nepal is still very safe to climb, trek and tour. Our success will help world’s climbers to believe for safe climbing in Nepal again.